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Civil Litigation

Litigation involves the process of preparing cases for trial and, if necessary, presenting the case at trial and conducting appeals. A civil attorney, commonly known as a litigator, is a lawyer hired by a client to pursue or defend a civil lawsuit in a court of law. A civil lawsuit can arise in many different areas of law and often concerns the recovery of money or property. Over 90% of all civil cases are settled without having a trial. As an advocate for our client, we will work to develop the best legal theories possible and gather the facts to support those theories; our goal is to achieve the best result at trial or a favorable settlement without a trial. 
If you believe you have been wronged financially or otherwise, call us for a consultation, to help you assess the merits of your case.

Furthermore, if another person or business ever sues you, it is best to immediately consult with an attorney to determine the best course of action—delaying your response to the lawsuit can have dire consequences for your defense.

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